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2018 NEGHC Gypsy & Open Horse Show Schaghticoke Fair Grounds
Schaghticoke, NY
July 21 & 22, 2018










Judges: Sandy Croote and Jennifer Sullivan


Professionally Managed by: Stacy Mayhew of Show Off Equine


Offering Gypsy, Gypsy Cross & Drum and All Breed Horse Classes


Show Photographer: Kara Heniges of Picture My Heart Photography



DOUBLE POINT GVHS & GHRA (with Ambassador Program)


Show Committee

Misha Duvernoy, Erin Simon, ShyAnne Demers

Sponsorship Cordinator

Barb Elliott

Silent Auction Cordinator

Livia Brine

Stallion Showcase Cordinator

Barb Elliott

GREAT NEWS: The Farmers Feed Bunk food truck will be at our show again this year! 

Entry Form Directions for GVHS Members

In order for your results to be submitted to GVHS for year end points you must :

  1. List horse name exactly as shown on the GVHS Registration Certificate.  No barn or call names.

  2. It is essential that GVHS Registration #'s are listed.

  3. Owner should reflect the actual owner as shown on the GVHS Registration Certificate.

*Do not forget to get your Amateur card if applicable*​

GVHS Liability Release          NEGHC Liability Release               Entry Form                  Show Packet                       Class List                   Form                                            Form


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GVHS members and their registered horses can accumulate double points with this show. Show management provides the GVHS with results.  You do not have to track your results.

Current members with GHRA with GHRA registered horses that are signed up for the Ambassador Year End Awards Program can also earn double points. You will need to fill out the appropriate forms:    



The NEGHC invites all members, exhibitors and exhibitor’s families to join us for a catered dinner Saturday night at 7:00 in the indoor arena. This form and payment must be in by July 9th to order dinner. 

Serving Chicken Francais, Beef, pasta carbonara, tossed salad and fresh bread. 

 $15 for adults, $8 for children 10 and under.

Following dinner- at 7:45 you will have the chance to watch the Stallion Showcase.

Please send payment with PayPal to 




We are also offering a STALLION SHOWCASE AT OUR SHOW JULY 21st 

A picture of your stallion may be “worth a thousand words,” but seeing the stallion in person is “priceless.”


We invite you to bring your stallion to The New England Gypsy Horse Club Stallion Showcase. The showcase will follow Saturday’s horse show classes  and the catered dinner. The showcase will include a presentation of your stallion(s) under saddle, driving, at liberty and/or in halter.


The Benefits for stallion owners participating include:

  • Presentation of your stallion in hand/under saddle or in harness during the Stallion Showcase

  • Online advertising through December 2018 that includes photos, video, and information, as well as a link to your webpage or Facebook page

  • Online advertising through Facebook, in addition to the NEGHC website

  • Advertising in the NEGHC show program with a page that lists stallions participating in the Stallion Showcase

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Silent Auction Items

Silent Auction

Please visit the silent auction during the show -winners announced Sunday during the lunch break.

Entry Requirements

  • Current copy of registration papers must be submitted with entries for all Gypsy, Drum and Gypsy Cross horses.

  • Liability waivers must be completed with all requested names and signatures and must be submitted with entries.

  • Health Requirements- Current, Negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA/Coggins) Test; and a rabies vaccine within the last 12 months are required for all horses. Out-of-state horse must have a coggins within 12 months and a valid health certificate (valid for 30 days following date of examination).


  • Coffee and tea bar available Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please help yourself.

Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Permanent wood stalls on dirt floor with full doors, and a limited number of portable show stalls are available. Please note on your entry form if you prefer a specific stall type. Stalls will be given in order of entries received.

  • Stall fee DOES NOT include shavings. Shavings can be obtained for a fee in advance or you may bring your own.

Vet and Farrier

  • Vet on call: Rood & Riddle 518-583-3555

  • Farrier on call: Hoof Works Horseshoeing 518-225-5705


  • All campers must display their paid camper card in the left hand corner of the vehicle.

  • Hampton Inn Clifton Park,  620 Plank Rd, 518-373-2345

Room block under NEGHC Show. Special rate of $169. Book early as rooms will sell out that weekend.


  1. Age of Equine for competition purposes is considered to be one year old on the 1st day of January following the actual date of foaling.

  2. Youth is an individual who has not reached his/her 18th birthday as of January 1st of the current competition year. A Youth exhibitor may NOT show a stallion in hand, or under saddle, including lead line. A Youth age 12 or older may show a weanling colt in hand. No one under the age of 12 may show any horse under the age of three, including leading in a lead-line class. Any Youth exhibitor anywhere on the show grounds while riding a horse is required to wear an equestrian safety helmet that is ATSM/SEI approved. Youth must also wear an ATSM/SEI helmet while driving or serving as driving groom.

  3. Amateur is an individual that has reached his/her 18th birthday as of January 1st of the current competition year.  An Amateur exhibitor does not receive monies/reimbursement for any type of horse training in any breed or discipline. Please see GVHS rules for more details on amateur status. Every exhibitor must hold amateur status or be under the age of 18. A person is considered an amateur if, regardless of their equestrian skills and/or accomplishments they have not engaged in any activities listed on the GVHS website which would make him/her a professional.

  4. Open Equitation Classes are open to all exhibitors (including youth and amateur).

  5. Gypsy Horses must be purebred and defined in Division Rules.

General Rules

  1. For Gypsy, Gypsy Cross & Drum Classes: GVHS Rules will be used as a guideline. The decisions of the judges/management will be final. Competitors are required to read the GVHS Show Rules prior to the show. The rule book is located at .

  2. All classes not specified as “Gypsy”, “Gypsy Cross”, “Drum” or “Gypsy Cross & Drum” are open to ALL BREEDS:  GVHS and USEF rules will be used as a guideline. The decisions of the judges/management will be final.

  3. Exhibitors must be ready at the gate and enter the arena promptly. The gate will be closed two minutes after the first call for a missing exhibitor (unless otherwise notified). Exhibitors will not be allowed to enter after the gate is closed.

  4. All add slips are due in the Show Office at least 3 classes before the class you are adding. No adding classes at the gate.

  5. You must notify the office if a tack change is needed at least 3 classes prior to your class.

  6. Inquiries to the judges MUST be directed through the show secretary.

  7. Everyone under 18 years of age must wear an approved helmet while mounted or driving at all times per NYS Law. All riders in Sit-A-Buck must wear an approved helmet.

  8. The show committee or judge may and shall immediately order out of the ring or off the grounds: any person not showing sportsmanship, any person using profane language, any person displaying unsafe behavior and/or any unruly horse, habitual kicker, striker, biter or a horse not under control.

  9. Cruelty to, or abuse of a horse by any person is forbidden. The judge and/or show management has the authority to dismiss from the class or showgrounds, any person for cruelty to, or abuse of a horse. If a rider is disqualified from showing by the management, or by officials, or if a horse is entered and not shown, the entry fee will not be refunded.

  10. Lunging and schooling must be kept to designated areas only. No schooling in the trail ring please.

  11. Horses staying overnight must be stalled.

  12. Exhibitors will be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by, or arising from any horse or article owned or exhibited by him/her and shall indemnify the show management and/or NEGHC and/or any agent thereof, against all legal or other proceedings, claims or demands of any kind or nature in regard thereto, or that may arise from the negligence of the person in charge of any such horse or article.

  13. No Stallions will be allowed in Leadline, Youth or Beginner classes.

  14. All stallions should wear a yellow ribbon in their tails.

  15. All horses that have a tendency to kick should wear a red ribbon in their tails.

  16. All horses shall be show sound. Any horse showing evidence of lameness or broken wind shall be refused an award. The judge has the authority to dismiss from a class any horse that is unsound. Obvious lameness will be cause for disqualification. Evidence of bleeding, either from the mouth or other areas of the horse shall be cause for elimination of that horse from that class.

  17. Any saddle class having more than 20 horses in it must be split and worked in 2 sections and the top horses in each section are to be reworked for pinning. Driving classes should be split at the discretion of the show committee. Beginner and Green classes will be split if more than 14 horses.

  18. A horse must be at least 3 years old to show under saddle.

  19. A horse must be at least 2 years old to show in a driving class.

  20. Martingales and tie downs are allowed in any beginner and or walk trot classes.

  21. Classes should enter the ring at a walk.

  22. Being a member of the show committee does not exclude an individual from showing at said show.

  23. Management reserves the right to cancel any classes due to hazardous weather, Acts of God, accidents, or emergencies. Every effort will be made to reschedule with priority given to any qualifying classes being offered. No refunds for cancellations due to hazardous weather, Acts of God, accidents or emergencies. Management reserves the right to change officials, limit entries, combine or cancel classes, and modify the schedule as required by circumstances to the competition specifications listed herein.

  24. Classes may be added, combined, split, or deleted at the discretion of Show Management.

  25. All dogs must be leashed and restrained. If a dog is found to be unleashed, the owner and the dog may be asked to leave the show grounds. For safety purposes it is strongly suggested that no dogs be near or around the show ring, entrance and exit gate. If a dog is found to be disturbing or dangerous the owner will be asked to remove the dog from the show grounds immediately. No fees will be refunded.You MUST clean up after your dog.

  26. A horse must be shown under the same number throughout the entire competition.

  27. Non-showing horses are allowed on the grounds if space is available. The owner must fill out an entry form and pay office and stall fees.

Division Rules

  • In the interest of fair & balanced competition, walk, trot/jog exhibitors (excluding Green Horse exhibitors) are not eligible for any three speed classes (canter/lope) except Driving.

  • Gypsy Division

Horses in Gypsy specific classes must be full blood Gypsy and registered with at least one of the following registries: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS), the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, (GHRA), the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association (GCDHA),Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA), Irish Cob Society (ICS), or the Gypsy Horse Association (GHA). Proof of registration must be presented with entry forms. Horses may cross enter into open classes. All GVHS registered horses need GVHS registration numbers on entry form.

  • Gypsy Cross & Drum Division  

       Horses must be registered either as as a Gypsy Cross, Gypsian or Drum in GHA, GCDHA, IDHA, TGCA, ICS or GHRA or in a Gypsian registry. Proof of registration must be presented with entry forms. When Gypsy Cross and Drum Horse classes are separated (Pleasure and Halter) only registered Drum Horses may be in Drum classes and therefor, Drum horses may not be in those specific Gypsy Cross classes. Those classes will be combined to “Gypsy Cross & Drum” if there are not enough horses to warrant two separate classes. That decision will be made by Show Management.  Horses may cross enter into open classes.

  • Youth Division  

       For individuals who have not reached his/her 18th birthday as of January 1st of the current competition year. A Youth exhibitor may NOT show a stallion in hand, or under saddle, including lead line. A Youth age 12 or older may show a weanling colt in Halter. Any Youth exhibitor anywhere on the show grounds while riding or driving a horse is required to wear an equestrian safety helmet that is ATSM/SEI approved. Youth classes only $5 each!

  • Leadline Division

        For riders nine years old and under. Riders with Special Needs of ANY age are welcome in our lead line division. Exhibitors can not enter any other divisions. No stallions. The horse must be led by an adult 18 years of age or older.

  • Green Horse Division

       Classes are only for horses in their first or second year (for the Gypsy class, horses must be in their FIRST year)  of showing and have never cantered at a show. Horses may be ridden English or Western. These classes are walk, trot/jog. Green horses may only be shown under saddle in Green Horse specific classes.  There are no age restrictions on horses eligible for this division. No beginner riders may show in the Green Horse division. Exhibitors may enter three speed classes on a different horse.

  • Beginner Rider Division

       Rider in his/her first or second year of showing regardless of age– Once a rider has cantered or loped at any show a return to a walk/trot/jog class is prohibited. No stallions allowed. Beginner exhibitors are not eligible for any other classes except Showmanship, Halter, and Driving.  Exhibitors are eligible for two years in the Walk-Trot/Jog division. These classes are walk/trot/jog only. We will also accept riders who would typically be in “Academy” classes and will allow those rules including dress code (black pants and white button down or polo).

  • Open 40+ Division

      For riders 40 or over as of January 1, 2018.

  • WT/J  (Walk, Trot or Jog) Division

      Any age rider, walk trot/jog.  WT/J exhibitors are not eligible for any three speed classes except Driving.  

Class Rules

  • Patterns are required to be posted at least three hours prior to the class. Patterns are designed to test the showman’s ability to effectively present a horse to the judge.

  • Note that any riding class not listed as Beginner, WT/J (walk trot/jog) or Green Horse is a three-gate class, except leadline.

  • In the interest of fair & balanced competition, walk, trot/jog exhibitors (excluding Green Horse) are not eligible for any three speed classes (canter/lope) except Driving.

  • Gypsy Champion Halter Classes

First and second place winners in each age group halter class will show for Champion and Reserve Champion. The Champion horse from each gender group will then compete for Supreme Champion.

  • Amatuer Equitation Classes

Please see Amateur definition (page 3). If a competitor places in both an amateur and open class of the same type (for example, Gypsy English Equitation Open and Gypsy English Equitation Amateur) the class with the higher placing will count for show end points. You may not earn show end points from both classes.

  • Liberty

Exhibitors may show individually or with a helper. Horses must be a minimum of 2 years old. The presentation must be one and a half minutes (1 ½). Music must be dropped in Show Office upon check in. Mark CD case with: Class #, Horse Name, Music Track # if applicable. Show Management may give an email to send Music prior to the show date. Show Management is not responsible for CD’s that do not play correctly or skip, malfunction. It is the Owner’s responsibility to test music prior to the presentation with the Announcer/Music Steward. No Cell Phone music or YouTube links will be accepted. The exhibitor (and helper, if applicable) enter the arena with the horse. At the first sound of music, the halter is removed and the horse runs “free” in the arena demonstrating various gaits. The music should be timed to exactly one and half minutes (1 ½). Once the music stops, the exhibitor has exactly two (2) minutes to catch and replace the Bridle or Halter on the horse’s head. A helper may assist in the arena but may not catch or touch the horse. Neither the exhibitor nor the helper may touch the horse in any way during the performance. One Whip per exhibitor and helper are allowed. No other props or aids may be used. Bullwhips not allowed. Baiting to catch the horse is not permitted. Liberty is "free will" , the horse is to express/exhibit natural behaviors and gaits that are a true representation of the breed in it’s natural state with no outside forces. There should be an effortless communication between human and horse in the ring that demonstrates a cohesive partnership with the horse being a willing follower. the horse is to be judged on movement, showing various gaits in each direction, style, type and quality. Use of entire arena in both directions. Consideration is to be given to how the horse performed during his exhibition. The horse should give the impression that he/she is enjoying their Liberty class time, not that he/she is being forced to perform.

  • Get of Sire & Produce of Dam

The entries consist of  2 offspring from the sire/dam. The sire/dam do not enter the ring. Exception: In an entry with a nursing foal, the dam will be allowed in the show ring. It is unnecessary for the produce to be owned by the owner of the sire/dam. Get of Sire and Produce of Dam classes will be judged 75% on conformation, quality, and breed type and 25% on uniformity of offspring.

  • Driving

American Driving Society Performance rules are used as a guideline. Driving classes will be held outside on the grass unless weather or general conditions are not suitable.

  • Sit A Buck

Upon entering the ring each contestant receives a simulated a dollar/”buck” which shall be placed on the left side under the buttock. One half of the buck must be showing at all times. Loss of buck - contestant shall proceed to the center of the ring. No chaps shall be worn. Contestants shall follow the commands of the ringmaster. All breeds are welcome. Class fee is $2, winner wins half of the entry fees.

  • Keyhole

This course shall be laid out with a marked keyhole on the ground with the throat of the keyhole (marked by cones) perpendicular to and facing the timing line at the center of the circle of the keyhole, about 100 feet from the timing line. The keyhole shall be in the form of a marked circle 20’ in diameter with a throat 4’wide and 10’ long. The horse shall cross the start and enter the circle of the keyhole, turn around in either direction entirely within the circle of the keyhole and cross the timing line. The entrant is disqualified if the horse/pony steps on or over the marked keyhole at any point, or if the horse turns around in the throat of the keyhole rather than the circle of the keyhole. If stopwatches are used; there shall be two timers per horse in any and all timed events. Electric timers may be used instead of stop watches. Winner receives half of the entry fees.


TWO JUDGES AND TWO SETS OF RIBBONS. Rosettes up to 6th place in all classes except Keyhole, Versatility Challenge and Sit-A-Buck.      



Points for awards are based on the number of exhibitors in the class, and are as follows:

1st place – 6 points, 2nd place – 5 points, 3rd place – 4 points, 4th place – 3 points, 5th place – 2 points, 6 place – 1 point.  ½ point is given to an entry who is the only entry in the class.


There will be one Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Horse from each Gypsy sex division. The Supreme champion will be chosen from the three Grand Champion winners of their respective in-hand, Halter class

  • Gypsy Champion & Reserve: Stallion, Mare, Gelding

  • Gypsy Supreme Champion


Guidelines:  Points are accumulated by the HORSE regardless of the exhibitor (a horse can get points with more than one rider). Points are awarded from the following qualifying classes:

Gypsy High Point OVERALL

4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, 20, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 54, 62, 67, 69, 80, 82, 84, 85, 89, 90, 95, 97, 98


All Breed High Point OVERALL

17, 28, 35, 41, 52, 53, 55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 79, 81, 83, 86, 87, 88, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 99


There will be a Champion and Reserve Champion in each Division. Guidelines: Points accumulated on a Horse and Rider COMBO.  Pleasure, Road Hack (when offered), Command (when offered), Trail & Equitation. In the case of a tie, the award will go to the exhibitor with the higher equitation class placing. Points are awarded from the following qualifying classes:


Gypsy Western:

18, 24 or 25, 29, 36


65, 74, 81, 93

Gypsy WT/J

67, 76, 82, 95


63, 72, 86, 91

Gypsy English

62, 70 or 71, 85, 90


68, 77, 83, 96

Gypsy Youth

20, 27, 31, 38


66, 75, 88, 94

Gypsy Cross & Drum

19, 26, 30, 37


64, 73, 87, 92

Gypsy Green

69, 78, 84, 97


21, 22



17, 23, 28, 35


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