Stallion Auction

The New England Gypsy Horse Club is offering The NEGHC Online Stallion Service Auction beginning December 22nd at
9am and ending at 9pm EST on December 31st. The stallion owner will receive half of the sale price and donate the other
half to NEGHC. Ring in the New Year with a winning bid!

Mare Owners: Please keep in mind that the bid price covers the breeding fee ONLY. You will be responsible for all additional fees
(collection, shipping, etc) to the stallion owner/breeding facility. All prices are in USD. Please contact the breeder for information
on these fees prior to bidding. Your mare must be accepted by the stallion owner before bidding. Thank you!
Stallion Owners: If you would like to donate a breeding, please visit our website or contact the Club President,
Livia Brine at All donation forms due by December 19th.
It is the intent and purpose of The New England Gypsy Horse Club (NEGHC) to showcase the beauty and versatility of the Gypsy
Horse and to support all members as an integral part of the club; to educate and inform the membership and the general public
about the Gypsy Horse and to conduct horse shows and other equine related events for exhibition and promotion of Gypsy Horses
to strengthen the bonds of the breed’s lovers. Our club formed early in 2017, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to safe,
family orientated, Gypsy Horse related activities. Our EIN number is 82-0768241. Some of the ways your donation will help The
NEGHC are to provide division awards for exhibitors, upkeep, and maintenance of showgrounds, a dinner to bring exhibitors
together, a silent auction and the ability to provide learning opportunities for all ages. The NEGHC is guided by dedicated
volunteers. Our only sources of revenue have been the fees paid by members and donations received from generous individuals and
businesses like you.
Thank you to all the donors and bidders for your participation in the New England Gypsy Horse Club Online Stallion Service
Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Respectfully yours,

Livia Brine
NEGHC President




This is a fundraising program to support the NEGHC events and programs.
1. The NEGHC advertises the stallion stud service.
2. Stallion owner must sign this document and send it to the NEGHC along with the stallion information page and at least 3 photos.
3. Buyers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a stallion service.
4. The mare owner must first contact the stallion owner to have the mare approved.
5. Stud fee is payable to the NEGHC in US dollars through the auction website.
6. A confirmation will be emailed to the purchaser of the stallion service and they will have 72 hours to make payment. If payment
is not received within 72 hours then the stallion service will be sold to the next highest bidder.
7. A mare owner may purchase any number of stallion services. Once you purchase a stallion service you will be entering into a
legal contract with the stallion owner and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the stallion owner’s breeding contract.
This may include additional collection and shipping costs to be paid by the mare owner. It is recommended that specific dates be
included in the contract as to when the breeding must be used.
8. Purchases are final and no refunds will be given.
9. Should the stallion die or become unfit for service during the breeding year prior to the mare becoming pregnant, the stallion
owner may have an option to substitute another stallion owned by the stallion owner. If the mare owner chooses not to accept the
offer of a different stallion, the amount paid will be a donation fully to the NEGHC.
10. Any live foal guarantee is between the stallion owner and the mare owner if applicable.
11. Once a breeding is sold, relocation of a stallion does not prevent the breeding of a mare. If a stallion is sold, it is the
responsibility of the stallion owner to insure that the breeding will still take place with the new owner.
12. All prices are in US Dollars.
13. The stallion owner will receive half of the sale price and donate the other half to NEGHC.
14. Both mare and stallion owner assumes all risk of accident, injury or death to the mare or stallion, and specifically releases the
New England Gypsy Horse Club, its officers, directors, representatives and agents from any and all liability of injury or disability
Suffered by, or sickness or death of the stallion, mare or foal from any cause whatsoever, and specifically waives any and all
Claims resulting from such loss, injury, disability, illness, or death. The NEGHC does not assume liability for any disputes that may
arise between the mare owner and the stallion owner.
The owners acknowledged by signing this document that they understand the program and that the NEGHC makes no warranties
either expressed, implied or by any other means of interpretation in connection with this agreement.
By purchasing or listing a stallion service through the NEGHC Stallion Service Sale, it is understood that the owner (stallion or
mare) agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Stallion Form

Mare form

Click on the pictures to get to each stallion's auction page:

BW The Silversmith.png
Ma publication.jpg
Desert Jewel Viggo 2020 Season Ad

Duke of Running Winds

FHF Shot of Whiskey.jpg

FHF Shot O Whiskey

HSF Keisling.jpg

HSF Keisling


Lord Xalvador


Maestro of Brackenhill


Mandarin Quicksilver


Ruthar's Sunlight of Lexlin


SD Hercules


SD Moonraker

The Five Card Stud 2020 Season Ad

Starfire's The Monarch

Tuatha De ADD  revised.jpg

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