Friday October 2nd, 2020 from 9 AM at the Schagticoke Fairground

We are excited to offer a GVHS Evaluation on October 2nd preceding the NEGHC Show in Schagticoke, NY. There will be a clinic to provide information on the evaluations in the morning as well. Horses can be evaluated on conformation/movement, and/or performance. There are three disciplines, ridden under English saddle, ridden under western saddle, and driving. Horses can be entered into any combination of evaluations and tests, at any time, whether it be conformation and all performance tests, just performance tests, or any combination thereof.


The following information is from the GVHS website:

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Evaluation Program has been developed as an educational tool for the horse breeder, to promote thoughtful breeding of Gypsy Vanner Horses of the type as detailed in the breed standard, and for the public to educate them about the breed.   The program’s purpose is to help breeders and owners to educate themselves about the strengths and weaknesses of their horses so they can use this knowledge in making educated breeding and purchasing decisions.

This system should be viewed as an important tool to help preserve the wonderful characteristics of the Gypsy Vanner Horse.  The conformation-movement evaluation is also an integral part of the GVHS Registration process.    Horses lacking DNA verification of both sire and dam require a certain minimum conformation-movement evaluation score to move from the GVHS Pre-Studbook into the Regular Studbook.

  • The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society offers a voluntary evaluation program as an educational tool for the horse owner and breeder to:

  • Promote thoughtful breeding of Gypsy Vanner Horses of the type as detailed in the Breed Standard

  • To educate about the breed.

  • As an important part of the Gypsy Vanner Registration.

  • Educate to identify strengths and weaknesses of an animal to make smart breeding and purchasing decisions

  • A unique marketing tool

  • Award levels,  versatility goals,  and hall of fame


Evaluation Registration Form        GVHS Liability Release         English                   Western                    Driving 

Evaluation Rules
A. Eligibility
1. The horse (of any age) must be registered or pending registration
with the GVHS in the Gypsy Vanner Studbook.
2. The horse must be 3 years old or older and registered or pending
registration in the GVHS Pre-Stud Book.
B. Equine Health and Fitness
1. All Gypsy Vanners must provide a negative Coggins test from their
veterinarian. The Coggins test date must be the shortest of one of the
following date requirements:
a. within 12 months of the evaluation
b. in accordance with state regulation of the state where the
evaluation is being held
c. in accordance with the requirements of the facility.
2. Horses traveling across state lines or country borders must comply
with health certificate requirements for the state or country where the
evaluation is being held.
3. The Evaluation Committee is responsible to contact local
veterinarians and convey to exhibitors any recommendations
regarding local outbreaks or contagious diseases.
4. Cruelty or abuse of a horse by any person at an evaluation is
5. No horse will be misrepresented by the use of drugs, surgery,
medications or appliances of any type.
6. The GVHS, the committee, the evaluators and the host venue will
not be responsible for any accident, injury, damage, or illness to any
horse, handler, owner, spectator, or other persons or property.
7. All tack, harness and vehicles will be safe, fitted and in good working
C. Entries
1. A completed entry form and fees must be paid and submitted to
the Registrar by the closing date.
2. Entries will be accepted on first come, first served basis.
3. Number of entries may be limited depending on location, number of
stalls or other criteria.
4. If the evaluation does not go forth as planned, entry fees will be
5. Refunds will only be issued for extraordinary circumstances such as
sickness or injury of horse or owner.
D. Other
1. All entrants are responsible to understand and abide by the rules
and regulations of the evaluation process.
2. Handlers under age 18 must be supervised by an adult and are not
allowed to handle stallions.
3. Substitute runners for running conformation/movement patterns are
4. If a horse presents a risk to itself, the handler, the evaluators, or the
public it will be removed from the area and may be disqualified from
the evaluation.
5. Once you have shown your horse in conformation or performance
you cannot ask to have the score erased.
Once the score has been written it stands and will be recorded. A
horse can be re-evaluated at another evaluation and each score will
be recorded in the record book. A horse can withdraw part way
through a conformation or performance presentation if the handler
deems the animal not fit to continue and the score will not be
6. The owner will be given the owners copy of the score sheet. The
original will be placed in the horses file in the offices of the GVHS

Performance Test General Rules
1. Performance tests can be taken by any horse age 3 or over
2. Performance participants may be any age, however, no one under the
age of 18 will be allowed to ride or drive a stallion. If the participant is under
the age of 18 the entry form and release must be signed by a parent or
3. A reader is allowed for all tests without penalty.
4. A header is required for mounting and dismounting. While the horses are
being mounted or dismounted the header is required to stand approximately
5 feet to the right of the horse’s shoulder ready to assist with control if
necessary. Points may be lost if assistance is needed.
5. Harness, saddles and bridles do not have to be show type. They must be
clean, safe, serviceable and well-fitting of the proper type for the discipline 
Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
being tested. In the case of driving, the harness must be appropriate for the
type of vehicle being used.
6. Mounting assistance for the physically challenged may be granted without
penalty in advance by the Evaluation Manager. A mounting block may be
used by anyone without penalty. 


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2020 GVHS evaluations had to be cancelled.

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